Still think that you are too old to learn how to ride a horse?  New evidence shows that, not only are you not too old, you’re actually at a perfect age to learn.  An article from The New York Times  provides scientific proof that learning a new physical skill in adulthood is good for the brain.  Scientists have discovered that learning and practicing a new motor skill midlife helps to increase gray matter in the brain that is related to movement control.  In addition, you have the physical benefits of exercise which is good for mind, body, and soul.


The physical and emotional benefits of riding, and just being around horses, are endless.  This article from The New York Times shows how horses are helping children and adults with severe physical and mental disabilities.  Riding horses helps with both fine and gross motor skills, as well as with cognitive impairment.


I am a huge fan of the Bay Area Equestrian Network, and look to them for timely videos and articles on everything from horse care to riding tips.  Overcoming Fear: Becoming a Confident Rider had some terrific suggestions with how to deal with fear in a constructive matter.  It also suggests a number of books on the subject of fear for further reading.


Thinking of purchasing a new riding helmet?  This timely article from Horse Journals provides terrific advice on how to select a helmet and how to guarantee a perfect fit.  It also provides valuable evidence concerning the importance of wearing a helmet each and every time we ride.