I’ve fallen way, way behind in my blogging due to circumstances that I will explain.  First and foremost, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago.  This has consumed my attention and made it very difficult to concentrate on anything else.  As with most women who receive a similar diagnosis, it came out of nowhere.  I guess that is life.  We go on, day in and day out, attending to the minutia of everyday life, until we are stopped dead in our tracks.  The plans she was making with my father for summer and beyond have been put on hold.  Now doctor’s visits consume her days, and thoughts of what’s to come haunt her nights.

My mother is in her 70’s, so most people who see this will not be surprised by her diagnosis.  But when you are close to someone, age seems irrelevant.  Life goes by so fast that it is hard for our minds to catch up with the toll that time has taken on our bodies.  In my mind I see her as the young mom from my childhood – always on the move.  Thankfully, she has wonderful doctors and a supportive family who will see her through this.  She is strong and determined.  As a cautionary tale to all women: pay attention to any change, no matter how insignificant.  The only symptom my mother had was itching.  Understandably, my mom thought the itching was simply dry skin, and continued to treat it as such.  Luckily a yearly mammogram caught the tumor before it got any larger.

The Breeders show starts on the 19th, after which I will go to Texas to help my mother.  I would love to keep the blog going.  My goal in starting this was to provide a forum for new adult horse riders, such as myself, to come together and talk about this unique experience.  And so, I am going to reach out to all of you and ask – okay, plead – for guest posts.  This would be a huge help during the weeks when I will be attending to my mother.  Please let me know if you’d be willing to help out.

Ok, hopefully this Does Not happen!

Meanwhile, I continue to gear up for the show which is only two weeks away.  I’ve been riding well, and Austin is looking better than ever. Yet I cannot help but feel nervous.  We rode outside for the first time this season and had a very disappointing ride.  Austin was feeling lazy, and the flies were driving us both crazy!  However, this last Monday made up for the mistakes we made during our previous ride.  We continue to work on staying straight, and moving into canter transitions that are slow and collected.  I can’t help but wonder if pre-show jitters ever go away, or if they are simply part of the experience.  When my nerves get the better of me, I will turn to my tried and true methods of relaxation:  mediation, mindfulness, and positive imagery.  I have found this last one to be extremely effective.  Simply closing my eyes and picturing my ideal ride, does wonders.

I will keep you up-to-date on my progress as we get closer to the show.  In the meantime, please let me know if you’d be willing to help out with a guest post.  I will be eternally grateful!

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